Founded in 1927, L.E. Wilson Tools and Gages, Incorporated has been making reloading tools for hand loaders continuously for over 80 years with no compromise in quality of workmanship or materials.  

L.E. (Sam) Wilson was the main proprietor of L.E. Wilson, Inc located in Cashmere, Washington.  He began making his own tools for reloading his ammunition when he couldn’t locate the tools to satisfy his reloading work.  Sam’s love of shooting inspired him to design almost the entire line of products sold, although the bullet seater is one of the few tools that he didn’t originate.  He drew upon an experience with a similar seater made by A.O. Niedner, which had no stem adjustment.  Sam changed the design to include an adjustment for bullet seating depth.  All of the tools were designed for bullet accuracy and user’s safety. 

This company was derived from a passion for the sport of shooting.  Sam first began shooting in World War I.  After coming out of the army, his love for shooting continued to grow and he started entering competitions and winning matches all over the world.  He placed third in a match in France in 1919 called the American Expeditionary Forces Match and received a medal from General John Joseph (Blackjack) Pershing.  That same year he won a match in Caldwell, New Jersey with a perfect score.   Sam became National small-bore rifle champion in 1920 and won the Distinguished Pilot Shot Badge in France in 1923.  He also won the National Pistol championship at Camp Perry, Ohio in 1929.  Sam retired from freestanding rifle and pistol competition in 1936, when he started bench rest shooting.  Sam’s winning streak continued when he won the National Bench Rest Competition with a group of ten bullets from 100 yards away in 1954.  In 1973, Sam was inducted into Rifle Magazines Bench Rest Hall of Fame for his shooting ability and development of ammunition loading tools. 

The Wilson family has served in many wars through the years. Sam fought in WWI in the Army. Jim flew Bombers while Jack flew the P51 Mustangs in WWII and Jack’s stepson Sergeant Jon Morrison was an Army Sniper in Vietnam.  After Sam died in 1985, his son’s Jim and Jack Wilson co-owned the business.  Jack bought Jim’s shares in the company in 1988.  Jack’s stepson Jon Morrison started working with them in 1968 and became a full-time employee after two years in the army.  Jon purchased the business when Jack died in 1993 and is the present owner.

L.E. Wilson, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business for over 80 years. Keeping the business in the family has insured the highest quality and craftsmanship possible.  Wilson’s uses the highest quality materials and our tools are well known world wide for their precision and accuracy.  Because of this reputation we receive orders from all over the world including Germany and Japan.  For a local dealer near you please check our
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